Check Out- Why Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is Best After 10th/ 12th

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course was initially introduced in India 38 years ago. The course has grown popular since then. This was after IIA Group of Institutions introduced the course and encouraging many people to enroll. The pioneers who graduated from the Aircraft Maintenance Colleges in India have secured prominent position in reputed Aircraft industries in both India and other countries worldwide.

Following the guidelines dictated by the Directorate General Civil Aviation(DGCA) to ensure aviation safety and the National Aviation Authority too, Aircraft maintenance Colleges in India have been taking in new students since 4 decades ago. The course has earned its reputation by being a resourceful stream of job opportunities and handsome salaries. This is simply the best course to take after 10th or 12th grade.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course Registration for 2019 are ongoing. By now you are wondering what is required of you before you enrol. There are two different AME Courses offered by the AME Colleges in India. They are;

1. EASA Approved AME Course

2. DGCA Approved AME Course

EASA Approved AME Course Eligibility

The EASA approved courses are well known for their acceptability in the worldwide level as far as aircraft fitness certification training is concerned. The IIA Group of institutions is well known and also certified to offer the course in India. Below are the requirements aspiring to pursue the course;

  • Minimum age on admission is 14 years
  • Secondary School Certificate(SSC) & A School Leaving Certificate(SLC)
  • A Passport is fundamental as well.
  • A Medical fitness certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

DGCA Approved AME Course Eligibility

The course is offered by well reputed institutions like JRN Institute of Aviation Technology (JRNIAT). The basic requirements for aspiring candidates to take this course were dictated by  The Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India ;

  • Age at time of admission is strictly 16 yrs. and above
  • Major subjects to be considered with a pass of 10+2 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
  • A Medical fitness certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Candidate with a diploma in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic stream can also apply.
  • Verification from the State run or an Open school board for 10+2 results.
  • An Aadhaar card

The students now will spend less time to study and gather competent skills and knowledge following the current regulations issued for the AME Course. It is taking the period of 2-5 years to acquire the AME license in different categories of aircraft maintenance. Each AME college of the IIA Group follows the curriculum, whether theoretical or practical, approved by the DGCA and/or EASA.

The students who are placed in this colleges or who choose this course are subjected to multiple job opportunity in the aviation field upon completion of the training.

You can access the AME fees structure at different AME colleges’ websites. Secure your position as the registration is still in progress. This is the best course to go for after high school.


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