Job Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering under DGCA and EASA

On an average, the Indian air traffic has risen at a rate of 12%, including both international as well as domestic flights since 2007–2008. As per the government trends, the industry saw a humungous 17.6% rise year-on-year in 2015–16. The Indian Air aviation industry is set to charter an exponential upward trend with the developing economy. It would thus, need a constant supply of well-educated engineers to support this growth.

In comes the role of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME). They are AME course pass-outs registered with the flight authorities. Any flight, any airline, national or international, cannot make it to the sky even for a single time without its supporting ground staff of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME’s).

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

The job scope of aircraft maintenance engineering includes everything required to make an aircraft air-worthy. It basically includes:

1. Checking up of all the systems required in the flight of an aircraft. Be it the outer periphery body, the inner body parts, the engines, the navigation control, the communication systems, everything.

2. They are also responsible to certify whether a given flight is at a time ready to fly safely or not.

3. As a passenger aircraft at a time carries no less than 40 to 50 and going on to hundreds of passengers at a time, this is a responsibility-oriented job.

4. The positive part is that an AME’s job generally rotates in shifts as per their airline’s schedules, which can help in maintaining good work-family balance.

The pay is really good in comparison to other science-related fields. The average AME is touted to return home with a pay package of around 7.5 lacs per year.

Every aircraft maintenance engineer is required to clear exams and achieve licenses mandated by the DGCA(Director General of Civil Aviation) and EASA(European Association Safety Agency) to get these jobs. A science student (studied math and physics till 10+2 level)or a graduate from an engineering college with a minimum percentage of marks may opt for an AME course from a DGCA approved college in India.

IIA is the leading aircraft maintenance academy in Delhi with more than 37 years of experience in mentoring the best of the field. We are also one of the few EASA part 66 colleges in India. After completing the course and garnering appropriate knowledge, the student may obtain licenses through exams conducted by the DGCA in line with the EASA as per the CAR 66 guidelines. Only students, who clear these exams, make it to the airline’s roll-calls.

IIA Group of Institutions

Once cleared and licensed, these individuals are rapidly hired by the national and international carriers, the air, navy and army forces, private flying clubs, etc for the aircraft maintenance engineer jobs. Our institute helps students in every step of this path. We train them practically to know the realities of flying and its maintenance. They in return have been making us proud with their AME careers, year after year.


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